Quizzes » Are You a Geek?

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You might be a geek if you: have never had a girlfriend/boyfriend, spend all your time in front of your computer, wear glasses, and live in your parents' basement. Wouldn't you like to know so that you can brag to your friends? Oh, wait, you have none. Take our quiz today to find out just how geeky you truly are.

1. Do you know a programming language?
2. Do you personally have more than three computers?
3. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
4. Have you ever been to a LAN party?
5. Have you ever been to a real party?
6. Do you have any domain names?
7. Do people frequently ask you to fix their computers?
8. Have you ever had viruses or spyware on your computer?
9. Do you read Slashdot?
10. Do you prefer to write code, or hang out with friends?
11. Do you use Linux?
12. Which screen resolution do you usually use?
13. Do you care about the score you get on this quiz?